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[D] What’s Behind the [D]oor?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

[D] My sister in law has just built a beautiful home in the hills overlooking Comfort, Texas. As both a designer and an artist she has a very unique eye for beauty and detail, often in unusual places. One of the things that makes her home so distinctive is the doors are all reclaimed from other structures, some from other countries. When I asked her about them she said, “Since the doors are the first thing people see I wanted them to be interesting enough to spark a sense of curiosity and wonder – making people want to go in and see what is behind the door. If the door is that interesting, what other things are there to see?”

As followers of Jesus we are each called to reach out to those who don’t yet know him; to share our faith with others. My husband and I recently taught a class at our church on this very subject. It was called “A Fresh Approach to Sharing Your Faith.” Most who attended were not really fresh, they had been around a long time but just wanted to see if we had something new to offer. We didn’t, instead what we offered was very old, ancient even: Lead with your life.

Go where they are, do what they do, ask who they are and then listen while they tell you. It’s the oldest form of “evangelism” there is. Show people who Jesus is by the way you live your life and the way you appreciate theirs and eventually they will want to look deeper.

Our lives are like my sister’s doors, each so different and unique; those we are reaching out to are standing on one side watching and wondering. If they see character, steadiness and especially safety they’ll ask what’s behind that door and you’ll have a chance to tell them, it’s Jesus.

How are you reaching out to those far from God?

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