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                               As a story coach, I will help you find the soul in your story.

Research shows that stories make the brain come alive. I watched this happen two years ago when I brought together a group of women with stories to tell, but no idea how to tell them. Many long conversations later it turned into a women’s event called “Living with the Hope You Have.” That night, I watched a packed audience transformed by the power of a story. These everyday women’s stories not only made brains come alive but reached deeply into the hearts and lives of the audience. This experience turned into a volunteer role for me at a resource center for women coming out of sex trafficking. Listening to their heartbreaking stories of survival and helping them craft a message of hope and healing has led me to Story Coaching.


What is Story Coaching?

Women with diverse experiences tell me their stories from beginning to end. As part of the service, I offer I listen, ask questions, take notes, and then help them outline and organize a well-crafted message. The end result is a woman who feels comfortable, relatable, and successful sharing her story.


Here are a few of the women I’ve coached:


Andrea is a woman with a chronic disease who needed to organize her experiences in a way that didn’t minimize her difficulties but also didn’t overwhelm the audience.


Mary is a woman who experienced a medical trauma after surgery. She needed help articulating her intense feelings and emotions in a way that invited others to discover that they, too, could find hope in a crisis.


Lois, Susan, Debra, and Donna are women survivors of sex trafficking who wanted to tell their difficult stories as part of their ongoing journey to freedom.


Cheryl is a business executive’s wife who was asked to tell her side of their story as part of explaining how God moved in their hearts to live a life of generosity and begin a foundation.


If you’d like more information about story coaching services, please contact me: 


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