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Alphabet Faith Intro

“God often teaches the unknown through the known.” – Beth Moore

What does it look like to live a life of faith? Are there simple answers to hard questions? I am told I teach hard things in simple ways and I hope to do that here. In my first blog series I am going all the way back to something simple we learned in childhood — the alphabet — and using it as my outline for looking at what a faith in Christ looks like in everyday life.

As children we could begin to recognize the letters of the alphabet around the age of 2, but it took years to master the whole thing. At first letters are just pieces of a bigger picture we can’t put together. In a relationship with Jesus we begin the same way, recognizing God’s presence and movement in our home, work, school, relationships and circumstances… just the pieces. The whole picture won’t be revealed in this lifetime. That’s why it’s called faith: believing what you do not see.

My hope is that by looking at the known, the ordinary, and the revealed, you will discover the divine and see God in a whole new way.

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