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Example of a Praise List

Here is an example of just one of the many lists:

  1. Adored, worthy of our adoration

  2. Believable, You cannot lie and no promise You’ve ever made has gone unfulfilled

  3. Caring (I pray those suffering from Hurricane Florence will know and remember this)

  4. Desires a relationship with us

  5. Eager for those who don’t know You

  6. Faithful, even when we are faithless!

  7. Good

  8. Honest – You are the only one who truly sees us for who and how we are. If we ask, You will honestly show us the depth of our sin. The Bible is clear about this! (Romans 3:23 says ALL have sinned). You won’t leave us there; You will show us where hope is.

  9. Intimate

  10. Joy-giver

  11. Kind (so easy to forget this)

  12. Long suffering—patient with us

  13. Show up in Moments, not just big things. Almost harder to seek You in the moments of everyday life

  14. Noble

  15. Omnipresent (watching over those who aren’t watching for You)

  16. Pursuer

  17. Not a Quitter, You don’t give up on us

  18. Restorer of broken things

  19. Shelter

  20. Truth Teller

  21. Uniform in the way You treat us—we did not get what our sins deserved no matter how bad the sin seems to us (we grade them out, You do not). As forgiven sinners, You treat all of us as if we were Your only child.

  22. Vital – the God-life only happens when we make You the most important, most vital part

  23. With us, presence is the gift

  24. Go the eXtra mile

  25. Call us Your own

  26. Zealous for us

For more on praise go to the columnist tab and look up the article from Just Between Us magazine Well With My Praise by Elizabeth Murphy

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